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Notice from Bob:

For the last two years I have been so busy it was necessary to let the group, and this website operate without much help from me. With all the work involved with organizing, and operating the group, the website had to be put on hold, and important updates were not performed. I will be working on the site, and hopefully, I can make it operational once again. Please excuse any problems you may encounter while using our website, and bear in mind, this is a totally free website, as we are a non-profit group. As such, the website host, puts their ads on some of the pages to defray costs of hosting. We thank Angelfire/Lycos for sticking by us, and keeping this website free of charge, as they have since we started twenty years ago. Should we need to move more toward website operation in the future, instead of the mostly email use now, we will certainly use no other website hosts, than www.angelfire/