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Paranormal Reports Group

About Bob

What About Bob ?? :)
Well, first of all, I'm around sixty years old. I have a loving family, that comes first in my life. I have a regular job, cars, house, all that. Actually, you might call me a very "normal", "guy down the street", working man, sort of guy. I am the founder of Paranormal Reports Group, I do handwriting analysis, and regression hypnosis to assist in getting to the truth. The work I do is primarily for other paranormal groups who need my help. Paranormal Reports Group is a non-profit group of volunteers who have a common goal, to help individuals with paranormal problems, and bring them understanding, and peace.

Please join our group, we need your help.

One of my goals, is to assemble the most powerful force for finding missing persons, ever known to mankind. Working together as one, people with a gift, of all types, pooling together for a common good. People, from around the world, with an expertise, united in the same goal, of finding missing loved ones.
This can also, work the same way with any paranormal problem, as well.
Now, with the internet, we can communicate, and share data, and opinions at real time speeds. As we all know, time, is everything when it comes to locating a missing person.
Spread the word, to all your friends, as well as law enforcement agencies, WE ARE HERE TO HELP, and WE WELCOME ANYONE TO HELP US.

Members of Paranormal Reports Group work together on cases, get together for meetings, share their gift, or knowledge, vote on the groups rules, and events, and most of all, we are part of an organization that helps others in a very special way. Paranormal Reports Group is just getting started, and this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a useful organization, that is growing by leaps, and bounds. There are no fees to our members, we are a volunteer organization. Join us right now, and be a part of us.

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