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Paranormal Reports Group

Cryptic Writing

Here is an easy, simple way to test your abilities to communicate with the, "other side".
Needed, is a pen, or pencil, a piece of paper to write on, and a cloth, or towel.
You simply, prepare to start writing, then cover your hand with the cloth, clear all your thoughts, and move the pencil around, without thinking.
When you are done, lift off the cloth, and look for messages on the paper.
You should try this several different ways, until you find the best method for you.
Try holding the pencil in your other hand, that you donít write with, or holding the pencil in different ways.
Often, what you see written afterwards, will amaze you.
note: a pencil, and paper, should be next to your bed, at all times. (this will be explained later)

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