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Paranormal Reports Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Abductions

Who gets abducted?

Anyone can be abducted. There is no apparent predetermining of who is chosen. Females, and males of all ages, as well as, some animals are abducted. Why do abductions happen?

There are several theories on why there are abductions. One theory is, Aliens are monitoring our existence because they seeded earth with humans ten thousand years ago in order to have a work force available to them. Another theory is, Aliens require humans to produce eggs, and sperm for their faltering reproductive systems. Their race is very old, and due to radiation, disease, sickness, or chromosome decay, they need the eggs, and sperm from humans because our DNA structure is very close to their own for the survival of their species.

How do they abduct us without us knowing it?

I suspect they use a procedure I call, “time splicing”, it is very complicated, but I am in the process of writing a book on the subject now, and it should be available in late 2018. The folks doing the abductions are a very old, and thus, a very intelligent life form. They appear to be able to manipulate time for various purposes, such as abduction, travel, and manufacture. A simple explanation of “time splicing”, is, if you think about time being a continuous stream of frames like movie film uses, each one numbered in order, and each frame is a moment in time, (a second, or more). Lets say you are abducted in the frame numbered 1006, and taken for two hours. Time continues while you are gone, but when they put you back in time, they attempt to put you back into frame number 1007 in order to keep your normal time pattern moving forward, which keeps you from knowing you were taken. Sometimes, they make a mistake on the splicing process when they return you, by putting you back in the wrong frame, either too early, or too late from the proper frame numbered 1007. When this happens, our brain gets a missing time warning. When we are put back to early, we get déjà vu, when we are put back in a later frame than it should be, we have a missing time event. We usually have no memory of what occurred during a missing time event, but, the data is still stored in our brains as is all other data. We use regression hypnosis to retrieve the missing data, and put it back into your active memory.

Do they talk to us while we are with them?

Yes, but through non-verbal data transmission, some through touch, some through looking at us eye to eye very close, and though simple telepathy.

Where do they come from?

The most frequented theory is, they are from Sirius B in the Sirius Star group, near Orion, a binary system. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. Sirius B is It’s closest planet. The placement of the great pyramids in Egypt mimic the position of the Sirius Star group.

How often are we abducted?

It varies greatly, some of us, never, to others who are taken every month, and those who aren’t abducted at all. A female in child bearing years may be commonly abducted every 28.5 days, while it is common for males of the same age to be taken once a year, except when they are taken with a female nearby. The only way to tell if someone is abducted regularly is the appearance of an F-Mark, or J-Mark, and, or, elevated hormone development.

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