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Paranormal Reports Group


Signs, you may have been abducted

  • Dreams of floating, travel in space, Godliness, bright light, or being a medical patient.

  • You prefer light, lots of it, the more light you have to see, the better you feel.

  • Unstable sex drive, can’t get enough for a week, followed by three weeks of no desire.

  • Feeling submissive sexually, when that is not your normal behavior.

  • Waking up, with bed clothes ajar, put on wrong, or off completely.

  • Waking up, sweaty, or more tired than when you went to bed, or fast heart rate.

  • Waking up, feeling like you just had sex.

  • Waking up, bleeding from vagina, or rectum.

  • Unexplained bleeding of any kind.

  • Morning sickness, without being pregnant.

  • The feeling of motherhood, when you have not given birth.

  • Missing time, the feeling that you just laid down for sleep, and the alarm goes off, it’s time to get up, already.

  • Missing time, being unable to account for several hours of time.

  • The appearance of a “J-Mark”, or “T-mark” on your skin. (a small font j, or t) * (see more data below)

  • Being missing, or unable to be found, yet not leaving your normal area.

  • Feeling you are being watched at every moment of the day, and night.

  • Hearing things, nobody else seems to hear.

  • Unusual weight gain.

  • Internal painful cramping.

  • Finding puncture wounds, you didn’t know you had, especially, if the wounds are "T" shaped, and if passed child bearing years, pock marks you never saw before. Generally, on back of shoulders, at the sides of your hips.

  • Headaches, that last for about one week of every month.

    If you have under 6 of the 20 signs, you most likely, have never been abducted.

    If you have 6-10 of the 20 signs, you may have been abducted.

    If you have over 10 of the 20 signs, you, most likely have been abducted.

    Important notes:

    Both spouses are usually abducted together.

    Steroids are given to induce egg, and sperm production.

    During hypnosis, the details of the abductions become very vivid, and clear.

    * More about F-Marks, and J-Marks

    * Frequently asked questions about abductions

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