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This is a sexual assaults case, involving an invisible entity, attacking a woman, repeatedly. Many similarities to the movie, "THE ENTITY".
A mid 40ís, married female contacted us 2 years ago, indicating, she had been raped several times by an invisible entity. I talked to this woman for a few hours, and called in two of my operatives to join me in investigating her story. We traveled to the small town of Goshen Vermont, and visited with the couple. We were told, the attacks happen about twice per month, often, as many as six times per month. They told us, they had been living in the old farm house for over twenty years, and the attacks began about ten years after they had moved in to the home.
The subject was unable to give much detail on the first time she had been attacked by the entity. I asked if I could use regressive hypnosis to get more data, and the couple agreed to it, providing her husband could oversee her session.
I found the subject to be very hypnotizable, and quickly had her in a deep trance state. I was able to find out she had been reading a book on local occult folklore,(the name will be kept classified for now), the day of the first attack. Her husband was away on business for 2 days at the time.
It was about 9:00PM, and she had just put on a set of pajamas. As, she reached to turn out the light on her bedstand table, she felt a cold breeze on the side of her face. She was able to recall the event in vivid detail. She was frightened, but couldnít move, or speak. She fell onto her back on the bed. She felt hands touching her, but couldnít see anything, and the light was still on.
Gradually, over a few minutes time, she was able to begin to fight off the touching. She had, what sounds to me, like a sort of slapping match with the entity, for a minute, then suddenly, she was slapped hard on her face. She dove down to her pillow, and was scrunched into a fetal position on the bed, trying to avoid the hard slaps. She felt her ankles being grabbed, and she was pulled on the bed, down so her waist was on the edge of the bed. Her wrists were held Down on the bed, and she was laying on her stomach. Her pajama bottoms were ripped off of her violently, and she was held tight in that position, and vaginally raped for several minutes, until it stopped.
Without notice, she was released, and was able to get up, and call her husband by telephone.
He arrived a few hours after her call, and had her try to recall, all that she could about the event.
Several years went by without incident, and both had written it off as a possible nightmare, resulting in ripped pajamas.
Then, it started again, this time, she had just stepped out of the shower. She felt a hand grab the back of her neck. It pushed her down, so she was bent over, and pulled her out of the bathroom, onto the livingroom floor. Once again, she was held by her wrists face down, her hips were held up, and she was raped from behind. She says she could tell it was several sets of hands on her at once, one on each wrist, and one, or two, holding her head down to the floor, on its side, tightly. Two hands at her hips, and possibly two hands on her legs. During the event, she couldnít move at all, she was able to scream however, but she was alone.
This time, it lasted about ten minutes, and resulted with vaginal bleeding. When it was over, she got dressed, and went to her friends house for a few hours. She didnít tell her friend what had happened, due to sounding like she was crazy. Later, she returned home, after she knew her husband would have already arrived. She told him about it, and he calmed her. Over the next few days, they researched books, trying to figure out what this was.
The third time was, about 6 months later, and both of them had just laid down in the bed they shared, when both of them heard a large thump in the house. Both of them were unable to move.
In her own words, she told me, "the only thing we could do was think, nothing else, couldnít even make a sound".
Her husband laid there in horror as she was turned over on her stomach, and watched as her pajama bottoms were removed, her hips raised up, and she was raped for several minutes. The entire time, he saw no entity, just the pushing on her buttocks, and the squeezing at her hips.
When it ended, both of them could move again, and they got dressed, and drove around town for a while, talking about it.
It is important to note, I was unable to hypnotize her husband.
Both of them began overusing alcohol, trying to deaden the feelings they had from the event.
The attacks became more frequent, and the woman would go totally submissive, as soon as she detected to presence of the entity, often pulling her pants off, if dressed, or raising her hips into position if nude. The attacks were more gentle, and she stopped telling her husband when they happened. Many times, it would happen as her husband was asleep in the bed with her. He would wake up with no knowledge of it.
The woman lived with this happening, often, for the next nine years, or so, before telling me what was she was going through.
A few months ago, she called to tell me it had just happened again, so I visited her again, it took me four hours to get there, but I was able to get some fluid samples from her. They were analyzed, and only her DNA, and traces of her husbands DNA were found.
I did find two very small puncture wounds on her, she didnít know she had, one on the right side of her neck, and one on her left thigh.
While collecting as much data as I could, from both of them, her husband suddenly stopped the interview, and asked to be left alone, I complied, and now, get only sporadic information from his wife.
I must stop at this point, as we are still investigating this, I donít have permission to share any other data at this time, but as soon as I do, I will put it in here, and the newsletter forum.
1. A clairvoyant that assists me, and myself, were both overwhelmed with thoughts of fear, and negative pressure, the entire time we were at the property.
2. Over, one thousand pictures of the house, and area were taken with no paranormal effects.
3. Both RF, and EVPís readings showed nothing special.
4. One of my most trusted operatives, a clairvoyant female, refused to, even, get out of the car, in fact, demanded we park the car out of view of the couples property, and waited in the car.
5. Videos were set up throughout the home, but only a few hours, and showed no anomalies.
6. After leaving their home, we had several electronic failures on the way home, cameras, cell phones, GPS, and calculator, that gradually got better, as we got farther away from there.


I am working on a research project about the "Eddy Brothers", who lived in Vermont during the 1870ís. They were the worlds top mediums, and the tales told of their lives in the tiny town of Chittenden make my hair stand on end, the more I research them, the more intense it gets.
I have made several visits to the house they lived in, (that turned around on itís foundation one day), and to several haunted locations nearby. "Hauntoís Cave", a cave where the spirit of the Indian "Haunto", and his Squaw have been seen, 100 years after their death. "Newboston", a small town, wiped out by the black plague, said to be heavily haunted. And a grave yard, even the strongest willed person wouldnít go near in the dark.
My research is still ongoing, and I strongly recommend looking into it yourself. I am in the planning phase of another trip there, in summer, and anyone is welcome to come along, and see all the sites that will totally amaze you.


In my little town of South Berwick, there is a road, five miles long, called, ďWitchtrotĒ road. There are hundreds of stories floating around, telling the tales of witches being transported to trial in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, ten years prior to the Salem witch trials. The weather on that road is, to this day, totally messed up. I personally, have witnessed a blizzard in the middle of July, while the temperature in the area was in the eighties, and six inches of snow was on the ground. Thunderstorms hammer the area, yet, people, a few miles away, are sunning themselves. The following, is from a novel called, ďThe Tory LoverĒ. So far, I have found the narrative to be factual. I have started research into this, and will report on progress, as it happens.

Witchtrot road (31): Witchtrot Road runs north from York Woods Road to Emery's Bridge Road, east of South Berwick. In "The Old Town of Berwick," Jewett says: "There is one incident connected with the Salem witchcraft delusion which has given an unforgettable name and association to a certain part of the present town of South Berwick, in connection with the summoning of the Rev. Stephen Burroughs, of Wells, to appear before the judges in Danvers [Massachusetts]. The whole history of Burroughs is most interesting and perplexing. He was a man of amazing strength and a curious knowledge of woodcraft, but was accused of cruelty and various misdeeds. An enemy of his in Danvers, where he had formerly preached, was dispatched to Wells on the welcome errand of bringing him to justice, with the help of two constables, - the strength and cleverness of Burroughs being quite enough to found the charge of witchcraft upon, and cover the desire of revenge for a private grudge. They found the man at his parsonage; and, sure of proving his innocence, he readily agreed to accompany them, but suggested that they should take a shorter path than by the road they had come, -- round by the old coast or post road through York. They pretended afterward, or perhaps believed, that he cast a spell on them, and led them into a gloomy forest, presently coming out on a high, strange ridge, like a backbone to the country. As it grew dark a great thunder-storm gathered, but Burroughs alone seemed to know no fear, and kept on his way. The messenger and his two constables nearly perished with fright, and believed the whole situation to be diabolic. The horses seemed to fly, and the lightning flashed blue and awful gleams about Burroughs, as he rode ahead; and so things were at their worst as they hurried up and down the steep hills of what has ever since been known as the Witch Trot Road. Suddenly the storm ceased, as thunder-storms will, and the moon shone out; and they found themselves near the calm water of the river, near Quampeagan. This was proof enough in that moment of Burroughs's evil powers, and his fate is a matter of history. The Danvers men told the story of their fearful ride, with great glory to themselves no doubt, for many years; and though those who were familiar with the country insisted that the road to the river was shorter by half than the long way through Cape Neddick and Ogunquit, it was easier to accept the marvellous than the reasonable." Jewett reports this story as "oral history," and historians have questioned some aspects of it.


Just, a quick note about, how we decide what cases are investigated, and which ones earn a case number by me. Every day, I am told a handful of paranormal stories, including receiving case files from paranormal groups, requesting my help. Unfortunately, I canít do everything for everyone. I do have to pick those cases that I think I can help. Once, I am convinced, as to the legitimacy of a case, I give it a case number. With a case number, the case is then worked by my operatives, and associates with me, and we combine our efforts to bring a solution. Missing persons, abductions, or threats to safety, especially to children, take priority with us. If your case is not given a case number, donít give up, many new associates are joining our team all the time, allowing us to handle more cases.

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