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Paranormal Reports Group


November 2015

  • Our new outreach to paranormal groups is proceeding as planned.

  • Bob is set to increase his weekly hypnosis sessions by 50 percent to accommodate the new demand since the news release about the Youtube VLOG to be launched in January about the increase in missing time reports.

  • The frequency of UFO sightings, and missing time complaints in Southern Maine has increased to a new higher level, leading to new investigations in Portland, and York.

  • (Case #441)-Paranormal Reports Group say's no to the media attempts at commercializing the abduction case in South Berwick, Maine last March. The abductees have not agreed to release the files.

  • Paranormal Reports Group has handed the reins back over to it's founder, (Bob) in South Berwick, Maine, We hope Bob can re-organize the teams that have become overwhelmed by the increase in paranormal activity in New England.

  • (Case #478)-Bob is planning another trip to Falmouth, Maine this month to do more investigation of the Falmouth lighthouse, and wreck site. The list of people that live near the site who want regression hypnosis has grown so long, we may have to do a group session. If we do a group session, it will be at the Holiday Inn in Portland. Members wishing to assist should email Bob as soon as possible.

  • (Case #478)-Bob wants at least two teams to head to the lighthouse in Falmouth, Maine in advance of his upcoming regression hypnosis session on Tuesday, the 24th. Each team should do an independent investigation of their own so we can compare findings. Based on our primary investigation on 10/05/2015, EXTREME PRECAUTIONS should be taken by anyone going anywhere near the site. Regrettably, only well seasoned members should join these investigations, until we know what we are dealing with. (SAFETY FIRST PLEASE).

  • Our home office has added some new equipment to our stock room, a low light Sonycam, a new GoPro cam, some newer, more sensitive K2 meters, and a two channel UHF wireless microphone system to enhance audio recording capability.

  • Bob is planning another trip to Vermont this coming summer, due to popular demand, and all Paranormal Reports Group members will be invited. He is planning to cover all the sites of last year, plus more if time allows. Watch your email for the projected date of departure.

  • (Case #483)-Team 3 has finished filming in Durham, New Hampshire. We expect findings to be released 11/12/2015.

  • (Case #478)-After discussions with several operatives about the lighthouse in Falmouth, Maine, PRG has determined that, while the site is a psychic hot spot, it is safe enough for any investigators to check out, but please report your findings to us.

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