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My Study of Hypnosis Continues:
I have studied hypnosis since 1978. At first it was for entertainment in group settings, later, I worked on group hypnosis for marketing. In the mid 1980ís I made the change to personalized hypnosis, for quitting smoking, weight loss, phobias, etc.

After, about a year of working one on one, I started working on regressive hypnosis. I realized, through hypnosis, I could help clients recall data about, almost anything. It wasnít long before people were coming to me, to help them recall data about other things, such as, accidents, robberies, missing persons, etc. Paranormal groups were asking me to help them solve cases of the unknown.

Indirectly, I studied hand writing analysis to help me with missing persons cases.

On one missing persons case, while interviewing the husband of a missing wife, it became obvious, there was a link to UFO abduction, in fact, the husband saw his wife be taken away, but had blanked it out of his mind. The facts of that case fascinated me, to the point where, I wanted to continue studying, primarily, abduction, and missing persons cases. The tip off to abductions is, missing time. If you are missing time, you are missing data, as well. Hypnosis works great for recalling what transpired during missing time.

Paranormal groups have found my services to be of great use, in the investigations of hauntings, as well. By interviewing a witness to a paranormal event under hypnosis, I can find out much more detail, as to what they actually saw. A medium under hypnosis can be a plethora of information.

Now, I do a little of all of that. I welcome all paranormal groups to contact me for my help, at no charge,(other than expenses), and individuals of all ages for help in finding the truth, or help through hypnosis.

If you are wondering if you are one of the seventy five percent of people who are quite susceptible to hypnosis, you can take a quick test to find out your susceptibility. There are 35 questions that should be answered for you by someone who knows you very well. You can take it yourself, but be sure to answer as if you were a close friend answering for you. After you complete the test, you will be given a summary, indicating how you did. There will be two numbers given to you for a score, an upper number, and a lower number. Please write down both numbers, and save it. At some point, I will ask you for those two numbers. If you are ready to begin the test, click this link . Take the Test

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