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Paranormal Reports Group

New Cases, pending more investigation

Notice from Bob:

For the last two years I have been so busy it was necessary to let the group, and this website operate without much help from me. With all the work involved with organizing, and operating the group, the website had to be put on hold, and important updates were not performed. I will be working on the site, and hopefully, I can make it operational once again. Please excuse any problems you may encounter while using our website, and bear in mind, this is a totally free website, as we are a non-profit group. As such, the website host, puts their ads on some of the pages to defray costs of hosting. We thank Angelfire/Lycos for sticking by us, and keeping this website free of charge, as they have since we started twenty years ago. Should we need to move more toward website operation in the future, instead of the mostly email use now, we will certainly use no other website hosts, than www.angelfire/

A Possible Paranormal Incident in Vermont 05/10/2013 An injured, missing girl vanishes in front of woman who calls police.

ALERT!!! Our first responders are heading to set up base camp. Contact PRG to help us, more to follow... STORY

UPDATE Case dropped due to deception indicated...

Orb, "IN FLIGHT" Photo at MIT.

This digital photograph was taken by me, on March 24th 2008 at a factory office in Exeter NH.. It shows an orb, traveling upwards at a 35 degree angle. Estimated speed is calculated, between 5,000, and 15,000 miles per hour. If you use a viewer to zoom in on it, you can clearly see, the space behind the orb, where time/space is closing behind it.
This factory is being investigated by me, because of a reported shadow person. So far this, "shadow person" has been seen by myself, and several other people there, multiple times.

The Haunted Hospice

These pictures were taken by the owner of a nursing home, that was a schoolhouse a hundred years ago.
Look at the figure(s) overlayed on the fireplace, in one picture, it appears to be two skulls looking at each other, in another, it looks like a small human body, with two feet.
After running these pictures through a series of filters, it is clear, there is something there, and it is not visible to the naked eye.
Click on the pics to enlarge them.
These photos were taken about a month ago by one of our new members, (Bobbi), from Pa.. The building is closed now for renovations. Our thanks go to her for sending us the pictures, and her nice narrative in our chatroom, today. We are going through all the data we have, and may put a case number on this, shortly.

This picture, sent in by one of our newest members, (darren), from West Viginia, its a picture, taken of him, but is seriously refracted, and I am told, there are more of the same. Waiting for more pictures, and data on this.

Here is a picture from Canada. Click on it to expand it, then use your picture software to zoom in on the center of it, 4-5X, see what YOU can see.

Here is an EVP from NaganT from Utah, he says,"stop,I mean it", to his 14 year old son, and you can clearly hear a young boy say, "stop kid, he means it". At the time, there was nobody else in the house, and he tells us, this type of EVP can be done at anytime of any day in this house. Thanks for sending it in to me, NT.

Click Here to get the EVP file
This is our newest UFO report case, a 5-alarm fire, which broke out at approximately 5:41 p.m. Wednesday inside the USS Miami (SSN 755), a Los Angeles-class attack submarine, at the Portsmouth Navy Shipyard. There is a surveillance video cam that is used to oversee the construction of a local bridge, and my son was watching that cam that night in order to see the fire, he saw a long, slightly gull wing UFO above the shipyard. It moved from left to right, and right to left of the yard, and closer, and farther away from the yard. Once per minute, the cam takes a snapshot, this photo is one of them. look at about, the one o'clock position, you will see the line of red lights. As I zoomed in on that location of the lights, it is clear that there is a blueish, metallic substance that connects all those lights. The UFO was there for over an hour. This somewhat, see-thru metallic long lighted UFO seems to keep coming up in many of the sessions I have conducted in the past.

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