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Well, first of all, I'm around fifty years old. I have a loving family, that comes first in my life. I have a regular job, cars, house, all that. Actually, you might call me a very "normal", "guy down the street", sort of man.
Generally, most people end up, asking me the same questions, so I list for you, the Frequently Asked Questions:

1. (Question) How does this,"gift" you have, work ?

Well, I can "read" people. I can know someone, inside, and out, their past, and their future, all from a glance, a touch, talking on telephone, or an instant message.

2. (Question) Is this something anyone can do ?

I think so, if they have an open mind, and are willing to put in the time to work on it. When I come across someone who is willing to learn, I am happy to teach them.

The History of My "Gift"

It all started, when I was a little boy, 9-10 years old. My Grandfather was in the hospital with Cancer, and I was used to going to the hospital, and waiting in the lobby, while my parents visited him. I was not allowed to go up to his room, due to my age. One time, as I sat, and waited, I clearly heard him tell me to come see him. It was such a clear order, that, I sneaked passed the guard at the elevators, and made my way into an elevator, pushed the right floor number, and walked directly to his room. When I got there, he was sitting up in his bed. He said hi, and told me he had cancer, and wanted to say goodbye. At the time, I didnít really understand what he meant. I told him I had sneaked up there to see him, past the guards, and might get in trouble. He told me to go back downstairs, when I did, my parents were looking for me in the lobby. Late that night, I heard the phone ringing, and saw dad answer it, and start crying, and knew Grampa had gone. Since then, I could start to, "read" people, I could look at a stranger, and know certain things about them. I could talk to someone on the phone, and know what was going on, even before they spoke. When I go to a chatroom online, I can, "connect", with several people in it.