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Paranormal Reports Group

Reporting a Paranormal Event

You can report your knowledge, or sighting of a paranormal event to us, 24 hours a day. The members of Paranormal Reports Group reviews each report, then decides if it should be posted on this website, or investigated. Collectively, we have an open mind, and are looking for your honest narrative of the event. We do not discount any report due to your age, spelling, or content. You must enter your email address for the report to be taken seriously. If you have any follow up questions, feel free to email us. If you like, you can paste your narrative, if written in another place. Note: Those who submit event reports become group members. (There are no fees for going our group).

Here is a list of paranormal groups to help you in your area.


NOTICE: The email server is down, PLEASE EMAIL instead of using this autoreport feature, Thank you

EMAIL US! Instructions:

Please input your data as shown, send any pictures, documents, or data files by email.
your email address should read like, then, click the submit button. You might get a "cant display page error", but it works, only submit once.

Select the event you are reporting.
What is your first name.....?
What is your email address?
What is your present age...?
What city are you in.........?
What state are you in........?
describe what you saw......?, use as much space as you need.

Hit the submit button, only once.


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