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Paranormal Reports

Our Mission
Our mission, is to investigate, verify, and report data. Many of our cases have not been studied, for one reason, or another, due to the subject. We feel, there are NO cases, which should go unchecked. Many of these cases, deal with unknown activities, that range from a strange noise, to abduction, some of them may include graphic, or sexual content. If you are disturbed by those things, this site is NOT for you.

There is Strength in Numbers
I am always looking for others, who have a, "gift", of their own, or would like help with the running of this site, to join me. If you have a talent, and think you could be of help, please email.

Lets pool our talents together, and solve some missing persons cases.
Please send us what ever information you have, that could possibly help us solve any case we have.
If you think you can handle the world of the paranormal
If you want to go to the Paranormal Reports News Page
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